PLEASE HELP! I COULD BECOME FAMOUS!? How does "Weinachten" directly translate from German into "Christmas" in English? should i transfer to New York University? Which state have many good university/college for studying Business in Canada? What is your definition of this word? My female budgie is laying eggs, what should I do to prepare for her and her chicks? SOCIAL STUDIES!!! PLEASE HELP!!! so im def not a big reader and im going into 9th grade? are there any clinics in manchester to help me get rid of dark circles (due to hyperpigmentation)? Help me win an argument with my conservative freinds. About cop tv shows made after 2005. If you can name any shows where most of? Can some1 help me in a short speaking skill about 120 words or above? Which subject should I take out of ancient history, legal studies and society and culture? Write My Essay - Get 15% OFF Today! A VET and A REPTILE SPECIALIST OR ZOOLOGIST NEEDED TO ANSWER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS? hiking boots of shoes? Is it illegal to take senior pictures if not a professional? Which Human Being of The United States of America history was more accomplished Harriet Tubman or Andrew Jackson? do it yourself RFID system? Have the people of this country forgotten why people from Other countries immigrated here in the first place? Whos this actor ? Lab report in MLA format?

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    ahhh i see, thankyou! as for "O-tetsudai shi-mashou ka?" isnt "mashou" is for like "shall we"? wouldnt "otetsudai shimasu ka?" be more accurate? unless its "O ...

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    Thank You added 9-3-01 Original Author Unknown Sung to: "If You're Happy and You Know It" When my grandpa gives me something, I say "thank you".

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    Believe it or not- your chubbiness is NOT the kinda dawah that kindles interest in Islam.

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