in the book Things Fall Apart, do they believe and have faith in god? should i transfer to New York University? I need help dealing with my parents.? Can someone translate line by line this poem? Score my practice SAT Essay? What are some literary elements used in Stephen King's, "Now take that 'Bambi' or 'Snow White'- that's scary"? Please help, what does it mean? Poem/Essay by Paule Marshall? I'm writing a satirical essay that satirizes overcrowded schools in NYC. How would I use satire to solve this? Ok, Im 16 3/4 & I NEED A Job? Are these Spanish sentences grammatically correct? do it yourself RFID system? Is it possible to get a full scholarship for a high SAT score? What r my chances of getting into the airforce? Issues I'm resolving b4 attempting enlistment? There is a Tax Lien on my credit report and I have no idea how to take care of it.? What should i get my brother for Christmas? SOCIAL STUDIES!!! PLEASE HELP!!! so im def not a big reader and im going into 9th grade? hiking boots of shoes? Chances at elite colleges/Ivy league schools? Free Best Resume Templates - Instantly Create a Resume

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