Which Human Being of The United States of America history was more accomplished Harriet Tubman or Andrew Jackson? Michigan or Washington for MS in Electrical Engineering? What do you think of this poem?????????????? Japanese Sentence structure? Modern Definiton of Neo-liberalism? Help me identify this classical piece please? what two or more materials can form high density polyurethane foam? How does "Weinachten" directly translate from German into "Christmas" in English? I'm writing a satirical essay that satirizes overcrowded schools in NYC. How would I use satire to solve this? Poem/Essay by Paule Marshall? How can I speed up my broadband internet connection? Lab report in MLA format? What are some literary elements used in Stephen King's, "Now take that 'Bambi' or 'Snow White'- that's scary"? JOSEPH STALIN QUESTIONS PLEASE HELP!? MCAT writing sample topic. Need some feedback!? 39 weeks pregnant , husband lost job? hiking boots of shoes?

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please help with intro for my essay?...